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Hi, I'm Cril


My passion is to help people feel free to
consciously choose what they believe, feel, and think
so that they can see all around them the reality they prefer. 


As an intuitive and energy coach, I deliver the information that comes to me and I help clients remove energy blocks if they choose to do so and move forward in a guided loving way.

I've always been interested in what makes humans do what they do and how the Universe works.

It seems like I've always been on this journey of self-discovery, self-development, read, listened to a lot of materials, took coaching courses...
but it wasn't until I found actual energy work, science, and proof of it,
that it all made sense.
Then when I found The Law of Attraction and channeled information (Abraham Hicks, Bashar) it all fell into place like a complete puzzle.

Several years and thousands of dollars later, it was time for me to share it all with those interested.

So here I am, helping people shift their perspective and lighten up!
Life is meant to be fun & magical, and now it's the time to rediscover that!

"Truth is, you are all highly powerful entities walking on this planet, disguised as simple biological beings, and the disguise fools everyone... even yourself"
- Bashar - Channeled by Darryl Anka -

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